Whats wrong with selling do Terra?

I had my doubts about do Terra!

One simple reason: MLM.


Every time I saw something about essential oils from  DoTerra, I immediately had a negative attitude.  The thought of belonging to a MLM was not on my bucket list! It was on my never ever list. 


But let’s face it, those oils smell extremely wonderful!  So, yes I bought a kit from a dear friend of mine in 2014. I still have them and use them on myself, my family and our dogs.  But, A few years past and I still had not considered selling do Terra. I can sale anything that I truly believe in but Idon’t do well in high-pressure salesy situations. 


So even though I saw these great essential oils being touted by my friends and hearing their testimony's on their personal results and knowing my own story and my family's results, I still had an attitude about multi-level marketing companies. Because in my personal opinion MLM= high-pressure sales. Integrity and a honest kind approach have always been the most important strategies in building my business and my relationships. 


Then in September 2016 I had a chance in heart about do Terra and the MLM.  Seeing the full benefits of sharing do Terra only made sense. After all I am a living walking testimony. Sharing do Terra information became normal because people would ask me what I was doing because I physically look different. 


After sharing with more and more of my friends and their friends I started looking at the way do Terra actually does pay. 


Three ways I get paid from do Terra.


When I first sign up a new person to the membership program that do Terra offers I receive 20% on their purchases for the first 60 days. So every thing they order in the first 60 days of their membership I get 20% This is paid weekly.

Power of 3 is a monthly check that starts at $50.00 and up to $1500.00 This is accomplished by having others that are sharing oils (your team) Front line of 3 team members that are actively sharing and enrolling new members. When you reach 3 team members that have 3 under them doing the same thing and that group duplicates what the first two teams did you reach your $1500.00. This takes time and its not a quick rich program. But hey, so what if it takes time, I am not going to stop using do terra so, I am in no hurry. The company is solid and the products do what I expect them do to.  

Unilevel bonus is where it's at. Residual income keeps showing up long after you've done the hard work. Unilevel is Dynamic compression, or compressed organizational volume, means that you are guaranteed to be paid based on the first seven levels of your team. It's goes from 2% all the way up to 7%. You still don't see the big deal? Ok... are you ready for this.... at 7% your looking at a monthly check of $32,000.00 Yes I said monthly! Again this is not a quick process. This is a second job that I was doing already because of the results I had gotten from the products. So now I just get paid for it instead of doing it for free. 

People don't like to be sold too but they are interested in providing the best care for their family. When you have a genuine product that works its not hard to get people interested. Once I understood  the concept of do Terra being a healthy membership club where people can join and buy what ever they wanted at a 25% discount from retail price it made more sense to me. After getting more familiar with the products enrolling in the Loyalty Reward program was a huge savings for me and my friends. The savings add up to 55% off over a period of time. And the free products of the month is another huge savings. One of my favorite products is do Terra's Immortelle anti-aging blend. It retails for $92.67 and it's free for this month for anyone that purchases a $200.00 (pv) order form June 1- June 30. Not only do I get this great deal but I also receive a free 5ml bottle of Serenity which is my goto oil for keeping the house calm.  


Once all the free products and discounts became a regular deal for me the best essential oils became rock bottom prices that none of the other brands could compare too. I get the best oils and I have real results. No funny business and no scheming tactics. So I encourage you to take a long look at your health wants and needs, your families and your friends. Do you see room for improvement?  Do you see a need for a little extra cash in your pocket and receiving the best oils possible for the lowest price? Then lets talk, I am just a regular mom that had some health concerns and found a better way.