Essential oil roller bottle recipes.

These roller bottle recipes make using essential oils convenient. You can bring them on the go, dilute them with a carrier oil to safely use on young children, and apply them directly to your body when you need them. Here, I am sharing 3 roller bottle recipes for mood support, I use 15ml roller bottles. 

And here is good news, if you are ready to start making your own roller bottle recipes, then you’re in the right spot! All the oils needed to make these roller bottles are in the starter kits!

Be Happy

• 15 drops of Lemon Essential Oil 

• 15 drops of Frankincense Oil 

Fill remainder of the roller bottle with a carrier oil. 

Sleepy Time

• 30 drops of Lavender

Fill remainder of the roller bottle with a carrier oil. 

Stay Focused

• 10 drops of Lavender 

• 10 drops of Peppermint 

• 10 drops of Lemon

Fill remainder of the roller bottle with a carrier oil. This blend is, also, my go to blend for seasonal support!  So great that I can use one blend that helps stay focused and have the seasonal support.

If your wondering how to get started and how to get these essential oils into your hands… Your not the only one. I get this question a lot. 

doTERRA wholesale membership. It's very similar to a Sam's or Costco membership, where you pay $35 for the annual membership and then you get your essential oils way below retail. And you get a free bottle of peppermint with your member ship. Happens to me one my favorite. I leave it by my bed for night sweats, a little drop in the had and rubbed in on the back of my neck is so… relaxing and cooling. Helps support a healthy body temperature. 

After you purchase your initial wholesale membership, there is no minimum monthly purchase EVER! 

If you purchase a starter kit, this $35 membership fee is waived!

CLICK HERE to view the starter kits that I recommend everyone get started with. When you purchase through me, you will receive a free guide that has over 200 health conditions with recommended oils and blends for each ailment. The guide list single oils and oil blends with their common uses. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Penny Mickel