Organic Gardening

Our city garden is a blessing to our budget. I am blessed to have a husband with a green thumb that is passionate about gardening, simple living and can build anything. Our garden measures 35x35 and has been a journey on learning how to protect our garden form pest. We have used neem oil with success on our fruit and nut trees but was not getting the desired results on the garden. We had pest eating our food, and we did not want to use any pesticides. 

After researching we went with the castile soap and TerraShield and its worked perfect.

  • We mix 1 cup Castile soap
  • 30 drops of TerraShield
  • 5 Gallons sprayer.  We are using it twice a month. The results have been fabulous. No more eaten spincich. 

This one requires applying every other day, but it keeps your garden protected!

 Garden Spray

Fill a quart size spray bottle with water and add the essential oils and soap. Shake gently and spray on the foliage.