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 Simple, effective and natural solutions are being sought out by many people looking for products that work with outside effects. Employers are looking for natural solutions to help keep their employe's well and health care expense down. With the on going uncertainty of health insurance and health care cost the idea of living above the wellness line has become more and more sought after in our communities. 

If you knew for a fact that a good quality of peppermint essential oil would bring down a fever would you use it?  This is an example of what we teach. 

Some of the most popular class:

Houston wellness fair
  • Connecting The 3 Brains: Emotions & Your Body. The subconscious mind directs over 90% of behavior. Take a look here
  • Nutrition and Oils, learning how proper nutrition works with a healthy digestive system. Taking a closer look at digestive enzymes and how they help support your health. How essential oils enhance absorption of nutrition on a cellular level.
  • The Endocrine System. Endocrine disorders are common, and include conditions as obesity, thyroid malfunction and diabetes.

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