Downtown Houston Area Dog Sitting


Hey, I'm sarah

I offer dog sitting to families and individuals in the Downtown Houston area. I've owned and worked with dogs my entire life: as a kid my parents bred basset hounds and I was always playing with and interacting with the dozens of pups, and now I own two yorkies and a basset hound as well as am an active volunteer at Friends For Life.

1 visit per day..... $20             4 visits per day ..... $59

2 visits per day ..... $39    

3 visits per day ..... $49  

•Visits have a 30 minute duration and include your choice of a walk or playtime as well as feeding and watering at appropriate times. 

•Prices above are for a maximum of 2 dogs, for any additional dogs there will be an additional $5 per dog.

•Baths are an additional $13